In 1991, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art chose Barry Michlin to appear at their 25th Anniversary exhibit as one of ten Emerging Artists. After being a successful actor for many years, Mr. Michlin’s second artistic career began.

His photography has been exhibited in New York, Paris and, most recently, in three exhibitions in Rome, Italy. In 2013 he was again exhibited in Los Angeles. Mainly working in Fine Art and the world of Cuisine, Mr. Michlin has worked with luminaries such as Thomas Keller, Julia Child, Jonathan Benno, Wolfgang Puck and Nancy Silverton.

His images have appeared in magazines such as Saveur and in many cookbooks; his work was most prominently featured in Julia Child: Cooking with Master Chefs. Many restaurants have elicited his especial ‘in the moment’ style of food photography: ‘per se’, Spago, Lincoln Ristorante, The French Laundry, Alcazar and L’Avant Gout in Paris.

Mr. Michlin travels extensively and is presently awaiting his fourth exhibition in Rome.

In his own words, “…the exact moment of a photograph…a suspension in time…to capture and poeticize reality through the irony and beauty of artifice’. I came to photography influenced by the great painters, especially Winslow Homer and Daumier, photographers like Lartigue and Bresson and have also been strongly influenced by the great Italian film directors and their visual surreal and human splendors: Visconti, Fellini and DeSica. I am most proud to share and collaborate my creative and transcendent gifts.”  



Mr. Thomas Keller, The French Laundry 8/9/16: “My dear friend, Barry Michlin, has a deep appreciation for light and composition. I’ve been a fan of his keen eye since my early days in L.A.”


WOLFGANG PUCK: “The Academy Award Winner of food photography! He captures the poetry of the table.”


JULIA CHILD: “You really have the magic eye!”


NANCY SILVERTON: “There is a special Barry Michlin moment and that is for capturing on film a spirit of spontaneity that most photographers miss.”


ROBERT LONG, Long Vineyards: “You have a very special eye for color and form that brings that sense of movement that so often is missing in photography.”


THE BRITISH REVIEW: “Michlin’s skill lies in capturing people and places with both the keen eye of the artist and the humanity of the actor. He appeals on both a sensorial and cerebral level.”


Last year saw the publication of two new books under the auspices of Beverly Russell Enterprises.   Both can be ordered on

  • ESPACIOS – The Gardens of San Miguel
  • LINES ON AGING – A positive book on aging with beautiful, spiritual quotes and over 40 images by Mr. Michlin.


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