Photography: my aesthetic tapestry of life: Surprise, Sight and Composition.

From a very early age I always had a passionate love of artifice and magic, both in Art and Film. My gods: Winslow Homer, Daumier, Fellini, DeSica, Visconti and early Disney. I too wanted to create a festival of extraordinary visceral visions. To persevere in this fantastic realm I started to play with a Pentax Camera. Soon my eyes would actually, instantly perceive the especial image and I would click. Yes, Composition, Sight, and, always, the sensation of Surprise.




There I was in Normandie: in a frosted green field; Venice: the Carnival, regaling Pierrots and Phantoms; Paris: the Eiffel Tower and magically twisting streets; Rome: the city of Eternal Ancient wonderment and I photographed.


 The mingling chimes of myriad flavors, textures, the human conceptual cornucopia of culinary fare from animal and vegetable.

I have worked, side by side, with the great chefs: Julia Child, Wolfgang Puck, Nancy Silverton and Thomas Keller. Here too, the essence of Surprise, Sight and Composition, always tacit, always boiling underneath, the culinary juices searing through.




Flowers have also graced my visual existence. For years I have had the honor of observing and photographing the Night Blooming Cereus, a flower that takes weeks to form. The powerful moment of the night, at sunset, as the birthing begins, as the tendrils begin to unwind around the bulb as it cracks open and thus begins the burgeoning, in all its floradora reality. In a few hours its white sensual petals and tendrils open ever more erect, with a chorus of golden-headed dancers appearing from its deep center and a perfume permeates, perforce refulgent in its unique true sweetness. As sunrise approaches, the Cereus begins to sigh, to whither and finally closing; it expires, hanging from its purple, pinkish stem. Indeed, a glorious miracle of a one-night celebration.




 I now speak of the ultimate magic. The Fairy! At the Huntington Gardens several years ago, carrying the Pentax SLR camera looking for the perfect moment. The sun was setting as I turned the corner of a clump of palm trees. There they were, tiny creatures, swimmingly shooting about in zigzag straight lines, forming a dance of endless angles. The sun was glowing behind them but for some reason they were lit up in front as well, as if the light were all embracing. What were they? Instantly, I perceived and acknowledged in my Barry sight that these miniscule winged creatures had human-like bodies.   Fairies! A most marvelous Surprise. The light was fading fast. I held the camera to my eye. I clicked once, shifted minimally and clicked again, then instantly the sunset was all but swallowed up along with the phenomenal creatures as if it all faded as in a dream. I was in a state twixt nirvana and veritable fantasy. Reality? Illusion? Artifice? Magic? I took the photographs. I have the photographs.